Sheepskin Teddy Bear - BABYBEAR
sheepskin teddy bear in milk colours, the perfect newborn gift for any baby
baby sat on sheepskin rug with binibear sheepskin teddy bear
binibear sheepskin teddy
binibear dustbags


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R E V I E W S  (5 star) as rated by our Binibabes below. Take a peek...


Teddy bear picnics are about to get a whole lot snugglier with our BINIBEARS...the latest addition to BINI's brood!

Our FLATOUTbear BABYBEARS (18cm x 16cm) are BIG on snuggles and make the perfect newborn or baby shower gift. Delivered safely to their door... add a handwritten gift message to your order at checkout. 

Available in our signature natural MILK hue, there's no gift wrapping needed. Our BINIBEARS are right at home in their very own 100% cotton BINIBEAR dustbag.

Sure to be every BINIBABES perfect plus one…. we’re off to enjoy a honey sandwich or two.