Keep me safe


The safety of our Binibabes is our top priority.

Take a peek below at our Safety Guide below or head over to our FAQs for more information.




Our products undergo lengthy independent testing so that you & your Binibabe can sleep tight.
Our sheepskins are REACH compliant, meaning they are free of formaldehyde, azo dyes and chrome VI making them suitable for babies.
Our Puffmuff's water resistant & windproof outer material are made from Global Recycled Standard 100% recycled polyester & are PFC free, meaning that they are 100% free of a water repellent impregnation that contains fluorocarbon compounds & chemicals (PFC's) that are both harmful to the environment & health when worn or washed. 


How to use

Our Snugglers are multi-use & can be used in the moses basket & bassinet from birth, baby bouncer, buggy & even a baby seat at the table with you present. Please note, we do not sell our Snugglers for use in car seats due to the associated safety risks.


Back is best

Always place your baby on their back in the supine position whilst using our products in accordance with safe baby sleep & SIDS guidelines. Read more here.


Be present

Our products are designed for daytime use & naps with you present. Always supervise your baby when using our products.


Follow our how to fit guides

Head to the LOVE ME section of our website & take a peek at our handy video tutorials for how to fit our Snugglers & Puffmuff. Please ensure you follow our installation guides step-by-step to ensure your BINIBAMBA is fit correctly & safely before use. See our how to fit guide here.


Tummy time

Always supervise your baby during tummytime. Make tummytime extra special, snuggle-proof that play space or just find a soft spot to pop them down to explore the world from with our sheepskin Snugglers & Wrigglemats. 


Hot conditions

Sheepskin is a naturally thermostatic, helping to regulate your baby's body temperature - keeping them toasty in winter & cool come summer. Please note that we do not recommend using our products in extreme heat conditions. Take extra care with our printed Snugglers, Wrigglemats or Puffmuffs in high temperatures when your baby is bare skinned, as suncream (and urine) can strip the sheepskin of the print. Using our printed styles in these conditions is at your own risk & our products carry both a care label & disclaimer card with this information. 



Our products are handmade from the finest merino sheepskin & wool. Natural fibres need to be treated with care & some natural shedding may occur initially with use. We recommend giving your BIN|BAMBA a good shake pre-use.
See also our FAQ page for help with your BINI.