BINI to the rescue!

The sheepskin superpowers that make BINIBAMBA the perfect plus one

Toasty in Winter & cool come Summer

With babies under 18 months struggling to regulate their body temperature, sheepskin’s thermostatic superpowers will keep your baby at an optimal temperature. A must for newborns, sheepskin naturally traps air between its fibres creating a cosy micro-climate, while in warmer conditions, moisture is drawn away from the skin keeping Binibabes dry & cool. We do not recommend using our Snugglers in very high temperatures or in very warm weather 27 degrees celcius or above to avoid over heating.


Sleep like a baby

Neither too hot nor too cold…. medical studies have shown that babies settle quicker, cry less & sleep longer on a sheepskin. Our super soft, deep-pile, merino sheepskin liners will keep your big (little) softies cosy, seriously snuggly & sleeping like a baby. 


Hypoallergenic hero

Sheepskin is naturally hypoallergenic & has been proven to reduce allergies and even asthma in babies – another great excuse for a snuggle.


Self cleaning

Naturally antibacterial, dirt resistant & self cleaning. We’ve got a lot of love for mother nature and the lanolin naturally present in wool.


Ethically sourced & baby-safe

BINIBAMBA products are ethically sourced & handmade with love. We care about where are products are sourced & made & know that you do too. We work with market leading, fully audited tanneries including one of the last remaining tanneries here in England. Our sheepskin and wool is free of harmful chemicals & azo dyes, safeguarding both little ones and the planet so you & your Binibabe can sleep tight.