Mama & Fashion Editor at Marie Claire UK
Clémentine 1.5 years

Tell us about your family...

Our daughter Clémentine turned a year old in June, my husband and I had her through IVF after five years of trying and she was 100% worth the wait. She’s kind, funny and just the right amount of cheeky, we are besotted.


How did you find Maternity leave & adjusting to a different daily routine?

It has definitely had its ups and downs. As a control freak I’ve had to learn to let go a bit as routines are constantly changing with a baby. From being a newborn to weaning and learning to walk, everything is a phase that requires you to adapt. There have been some lows with hormones and sleepless nights but the highs more than make up for those. Right now she’s just learnt to walk & developing a personality which is such a joy to watch.


When working you are the Fashion Editor For Marie Claire, what is your favourite part of the job?

I love that no day is the same. A lot of my day is spent writing articles, but I’ll also attend events & press days to discover new collections and designers. And of course traveling for fashion week is always fun, although intense.


 “My day can start with a fashion show at 10am and finish with filing copy at 11pm, with several catwalk shows and events in between.


What's currently on your wish list?

I'm excited about this seasons quiet luxury trend, basically focusing on elevated wardrobe basics like a good white shirt & camel coat. Super wearable.


What traits would you like to instill in Clémentine?

I would love her to be kind, loyal and thoughtful, and not worry too much about what society would like her to be. 


Favourite part of motherhood?

Watching my daughter develop as a little person & seeing her face when she accomplishes something new like walking.


...& the most challenging?

Not having as much time to myself, physically and mentally.


Top tired mama tip?

A cup of strong black coffee first thing! And when you can, lying down.


 "I’m not a good napper but I’ve discovered that lying down for even five minutes is a game changer."


Beauty of baby product you swear by?

Vitamin C toner to brighten up my skin (REN do a great one) & SPF50 for my face (I use Beauty Pie at the moment) for all those pram walks where it’s so easy to get sunburnt!


What are you buying Clémentine this Winter?

“This Winter I'm buying knitted separates for Clémentine as well as a shearling jacket & some cosy all-in ones. I tend to dress her in gender neutral shades such as soft browns & whites.


Has anything about motherhood surprised you?

The sheer number of different emotions that you experience at any given minute, from joy to sadness and everything in between!


Is there anything you wish you had known before becoming a mama?

That everything is a phase, so not to sweat it too much during the hard bits.


And finally please share with us your top BINI picks for Winter...

 Liberty Exclusive Toast Snuggler - it regulates baby’s temperature whether it’s hot or cold, and is super comfortable and cosy.


Baby Booties - they’re just so adorable and stylish and perfect for keeping baby’s feet warm when she walks on cold tiles.


Snugglesuit it’s not easy to find an all-in-one that will keep your baby toasty but this one will.



Snuggle Vest - so chic, I wish it came in adult size!

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