Mama, model, chef
Luca 9, Evie 7, Mila 9 months
Ibiza, Spain

Tell us about your family...

We are a family of 5 living in Ibiza. My husband Oddy is from Australia where Luca was born & I am from Germany. Evie and Mila were both born at our house in Ibiza. We like spending as much time together as possible. I have been the bread winner for the last 10 years which is not always easy as I am away from my family a lot but I am trying to shift my work a little so I can spent more time with them.

"On Instagram it might seem that I am always home which is my dreeeeam but the reality is that I spend at least 50% of my time away."


 What do you enjoy the most about living in Ibiza?

When I am home I feel really grounded. It is so relaxing to live here. Many times we thought about moving because of my work pulling me away but in the end nothing feels better than living here. It is quiet and peaceful yet it has a lot of ‘action’; great restaurants, fun & mostly all my friends love it and come visit us.


We love to follow your travels with your family. What are your top tips for travelling with kids?

Definitely packing light, bringing lots of snacks & keeping your zennnnnn. Not getting stressed out is the key.


You have spoken about trying to be present with your kids especially before the arrival of little Mila. How do you ensure your digital world doesn’t draw you away from them?

To be honest I don’t spent too much time in front of my screen. I try to use it when the kids aren’t around me or when they are in bed. Sometimes it is tricky as I have several agents in different time zones and then I have to be on my phone dealing with logistics but I am trying not to work too much at the moment so I don’t get stressed out.


Has your style changed since becoming a mama? Do you feel differently about your body now?

I love my body since having kids. I was at peace with it before as well but having children has really made me feel super comfortable in my own skin.


"...I love that I carried and nourished all my children with my body. I am so thankful for it. We have to be kinder to ourselves."


Your style epitomizes relaxed bohemian cool – what are your inspirations when choosing a look?

Oh I am not sure! I choose whatever seems comfortable. I like natural fibres and thin material. I don’t like the feeling of tightness in any way and it needs to be practical too (for example right now everything needs to be breastfeeding friendly).



How do you make time for yourself (if you are able!) as a mama of three?

At the moment I don’t have much time for myself. I try and do 10 min of yoga in the morning to at least have a little ‘me time’. Oddy and I aren’t getting enough time together either...but we know it is a phase and hopefully we get to spend more time together soon. We were more adamant about it with the others but with 3 its very hard...


Favourite part of being a mama?

The best part IS being a mama . With all the ups and downs and laughter and tears and sleepless nights and worries and pride.


...& the most challenging?


I find it most challenging to be calm and patient when my children really trigger me . It is hard not to throw a tantrum myself (lol).


Top tired mama tip?

A little 2 minute face massage!


Beauty product you swear by?

‘Windelbalsam’ by Bahnhof Apotheke is amazing for nappy rash but it is so healing for the skin that we call it the ‘magic cream’. Whenever we have a skin problem we use it.


Has anything about motherhood surprised you?

"...How much more relaxed I am this time around. And how well I function with this little amount of sleep I get!"


Is there anything you wish you had known before becoming a mama?

I don’t think anything can really prepare us for motherhood. It such a rollercoaster. Also you never know which child you are going to have...I do think working on our own triggers before having kids makes it much easier. Although I appreciate we might not know what triggers us until we have children if that makes sense!

Are there any traits you hope to encourage in your kids?

I really hope my kids will love food, cooking and growing food as much as I do. And I really hope they are kind people…I always say everything is energy and what we put out we receive...




And finally please share with us your top BINI picks!

The Yin Yang Snuggler. It is so soft & I have always loved the symbolism of the Yin Yang sign.

The Merino Snuggle Vest! I can't wait for my kids to wear it when i cools down here.





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