Mama, Designer & Owner of Hat Boutique FRINGE&FRANGE 
6 months
South West France

Congratulations on the birth of your third baby! Tell us a little bit about your family...

Thank you so much, we are still on a cloud after the birth of Luna!
My name is Marion, I’m 32 and I’m married to Guillaume. We’ve been together forever..since I was 17!
We have three kiddos: Romy, who is almost 5, James, now 3 and baby Luna, 6 months old. Oh and we have a dog too, Maui, our Shiba Inu. We all live in the south west of France… but we are planning a big life move soon... we’re moving to California next year!

What has been the biggest challenge you have found, going from two to three children?

I think it’s the fact that we are now outnumbered! When you have two kids, you and your partner can easily take care of one each. Besides that, the change has been pretty easy. The elder two are becoming more independant and play together whilst we take care of the little one...and I feel like Luna is the coolest baby i've ever met: she’s very chilled with everything, tagging along, loving the mess around her and of course all the attention her brother and sister give her.

How did you come up with the concept for FRINGE& FRANGE? 

I started FRINGE&FRANGE eleven years ago. At first, it was just a fashion blog, that morphed into an Instagram account where I shared pictures of what I was doing and loving. I’ve always been a creative person so I’ve always had things to share: I started doing and sharing DIY as well as outfits I loved and then travel journals from my trips - these were mostly to Los Angeles, the city I love the most. This combination kind of defined me: California girl at heart with a French touch.

My blog and Instagram got noticed and I started working on this more on my  day job.. It wasn’t possible to do both anymore so I decided to believe in my ideas and go for it full time.

We wanted to start a family really badly at this time, so the timing was perfect. I also wanted to create at brand, something more concrete than digital content and I was looking forever for the perfect hat, so I thought why not design it?

What was the ‘pinch me’ moment when you realised you could make a business out of your ideas?

I was talking about my ideas with my grandma - with whom I’ve always been sewing, knitting, embroidering everything since my youngest age. I told her I would love to mix my love for hats & embroidery somehow and we talked about doing embroidered ribbons that you can put on your hats to change the style and match it to your outfit. She actually made me my first prototype and that was it..it was so beautiful, I had to make it my brand signature!

How important was it for you to make locally in France?

There are many reasons why it’s important for me. Hat making is a very French art and it’s disappearing and that’s a shame..If I can help the industry a little bit, I’m really glad of it. I’m 100% confident in the qualify of France made product, we are very proud of it here!

It is also super practical for me to have the people I work with close to me. I love going to the atelier see them create my products.


How do you juggle motherhood and the demands of the business?

I’m now answering your questions while breastfeeding Luna and also taking care of James today because he’s not at daycare, so i'd say that gives you a pretty good picture of how I manage it ahaha! I’m doing my best to be all, doing everything at the same time, taking time to be a mum when it’s more important than anything else and an entrepreneur when the kids don’t need me.

I find my balance, knowing that I have the luxury of doing everything the way I
want to by being my own boss. I’m really thankful and happy that I am able to do this.


If you could see your hats on anyone, who would it be? 

Erin Wasson and Ashley Graham

What is your favourite part of Motherhood?

Would you believe me if I say everything? I never thought we could have such a big family after having all our kids through IVF so everyday we are pinching ourselves to be parents.

I love everything! The way Luna discovers life, starts to move across the room, tastes new food. The way James asks questions about everything and gives me the cutest compliments. The way Romy learns to write and read and count, and becomes this smart little girl in front of us. And also the fact that I’m able to witness them being the best friends. That makes my heart melt so bad !


What is your top tired mama tip?

Going to the beach or anywhere with water when you’re feeling overwhelmed.. even the bath will do. I always find it makes the kids play and everyone is happier, they sleep well after it too and so do I!

Beauty product you swear by? 

I use rose water and oil to hydrate my face daily.  I love how they feel, so soothing!

Has anything about motherhood surprised you? 

 The fact that for once in my life I do not know or master what’s coming next. It’s scary, but also beautiful



Is there anything you wish you had known before becoming a mama? 

I think I’m still learning everyday, even with three kids. Everyone's motherhood journey is different and I feel I’m so lucky in mine so far. So no, maybe it’s best  not to anticipate too much and just go with the flow!

And finally.. please can you share with us your top Bini picks? 

My forever favourite is the Snuggle Suit! I love it so much! Also, the Snuggler of course.. and the binibooties, so cute!



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