Studio Romeo x binibamba sheepskin liner for the up & go baby carrier in milk
sheepskin baby liner for baby carrier
binibamba sheepskin liner for Studio Romeo up and go baby carrier
sheepskin liner for up & go Studio Romeo baby carrier
milk sheepskin liner
Studio Romeo x binibamba sheepskin liner
Studio Romeo x binibamba dustbag
sheepskin baby liner for baby carrier


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Winter walks just got a whole lot cosier...

BINI has teamed up with Studio Romeo, the super stylish French baby sling brand, to bring you the snuggliest of rides this winter with our NEW 100% pure merino sheepskin liner for their bestselling UP & GO baby carrier. 

A Japanese-style baby carrier, the UP & GO can be worn on your front or back & is suitable for babies 6 months + that are able to hold their own head.

Handmade in England - with love - keep your Binibabe toasty on those winter walks with our hypoallergenic and sink-in soft sheepskin liner in MILK. The stylish way to keep your baby at an optimum temperature. Naturally thermostatic, sheepskin helps to regulate a baby’s body temperature (something babies struggle to do upto the age of 18 months) & has been proven to help babies settle quicker, sleep longer & even reduce allergies including asthma. 

To attach your sheepskin simply thread the carrier ties through the pre-cut harness holes and knot securely. The sheepskin should always face your baby's back when worn. 


Composition: 100% merino sheepskin


Presented 'gift-ready' in its very own Studio Romeo X BINIBAMBA reusable cotton dustbag.

FREE standard delivery within the UK & Europe when you order both the UP & GO baby carrier & sheepskin.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Sponge off light spills with a damp cloth or Dry Clean to keep your BINI at it's best.

Photos @petiteschoses_