Fleur Watkin

Mama, Senior Brand Manager at Sweaty Betty, currently enjoying mat leave life


Lenny 0.5 YRS



British sheepskin rug suitable from newborn and available in one size

How have you managed to fit exercise into your life with Lenny?

It’s been hard - I haven't been able to do anywhere near as much exercise as I had hoped, but I am managing to squeeze it in where possible with baby friendly work out classes & the odd run! I think it’s important not to beat yourself up about it.

What's the best piece of advice you can give a new mama?

“NEVER compare yourself or your baby to any other Mums or babies.”

I did that way too much at the beginning & worried we didn't have the right routine, the right baby bath, the right buggy & that I wasn't doing things right, but every Mum and baby is so different & you just have to do what feels right for you.

sheepskin buggy liner in grey and navy stripe, naturally thermostatic sheepskin will keep your baby toasty in winter and cool come summer

Last time you had a full night's sleep (over 7hrs)

Probably when I was pregnant! But even then I slept badly....who knows! I can’t live with the YSL Touch Eclat Foundation!

Tired mama tip


sheepskin rug in moon grey colour, perfect to snuggle up on your nursing chair


Has mat leave lived up to your expectations?

Above and beyond. I’m loving every minute with Lenny as he changes & making memories we will treasure forever.

What's your go to baby shower gift?

A lovely book with a handwritten heartfelt note & of course, BINIBAMBA.”

British grey sheepskin rug, the perfect gift for a new mum or newborn gift

What do you wish you'd been told about motherhood?

It is definitely harder than I thought it would be.

“I wish I’d known how much I would question myself"

.... and stress about whether I am doing things right so that I could have been more prepared for the self-doubt. But in all honesty, nothing can prepare you for this amazing rollercoaster - you don't know what kind of birth you will have, how your baby will be or what sort of mother you will be.

Fleur + Lenny's BINIBAMBA pick…..our MILK Snuggler