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Mama, brand consultant, founder of cult sunglasses brand TOL Eyewear & style influencer
 Louie Gene  
5 months
Haarlem, Netherlands

Tell us about your family...

Louie Gene is 5 month's old now. He was born in Haarlem. We moved to Haarlem last June. Before Haarlem we were living in Amsterdam for one year. Before Amsterdam we were living in Milan for four years. We love Haarlem. We still spend much time in the city, but after a long day it's so good to drive back home. The house is much bigger. We enjoy the space, the neighbourhood is so peaceful and relaxing and we own a garden. Especially during the summer....we are both very happy!

Your baby boy was born during did you find going through such a huge life changing journey to motherhood mid pandemic?

“For me it was actually the best year to be pregnant & the best year to give birth. I was travelling a lot before the pandemic... so suddenly I had more time to enjoy my pregnancy.”

I still work from home, so I am able to enjoy my time with Louie so much. My life is less hectic, less stressful than before so for me it couldn't be better.


What stories will you tell Louie about the pandemic?

I will tell him that we used to travel a lot for work. I will explain to him that we spent so much time at home during the pandemic. Our life changed 360 degrees. I will tell him that everything that used to be normal changed. Stores, schools, restaurants, bars, hairdressers, everything closed.


 "I will tell him that I enjoyed it in a way because we were together 24/7."


linda tol and her binibabe

You're the founder of go-to sunglasses brand TOL & often snapped for your amazing style at fashion weeks. Has becoming a Mama changed the way you approach fashion & the way you dress?

I really missed my wardobe while pregnant as I love wearing jeans and trouser. I ended up wearing my boyfriend's jeans but it was not the same. I love to dress up again. I make an effort even if we go outside for a stroll. My style hasn't changed I just enjoy dressing up more than ever! But I think my style is more sophisticated than before.

Tired mama style tip you can share...

"Sunglasses!! Haha!I have a reason to wear sunglasses to promote my brand. But I couldn't go anywhere without a pair anymore! I also think red lipstick REALLY look less tired."



Beauty product you swear by...


Has anything surprised you about becoming a mother?

"Everything I have experienced so far! The way I love him. The connection between us. The female body. The way he is learning and growing. It's magical. It truly is."


Favourite part of Motherhood

The bond, the joy, the happiness, the unconditional love. It's magical.

And the hardest

Motherhood is challenging sometimes. The sleepless nights but also the constant worrying.

"I wanted to protect him from the moment I found out I was pregnant."


Binibamba sheepskin pram liner in bbabyzen yo yo pushchair

Anything you wish you'd known before becoming a mother?

One of the most beautiful things about motherhood is the experience of the unknown. Especially the beginning. You really need to get to know one another. It becomes much easier after the first 3 month, but it was so beautiful to explore together.

How do you juggle work with having a little baby? Any tips you can share?

I'm lucky Renwe (my boyfriend) and I work together so we divide our time.

"I am more focused and get so much more work done in a short space of time."

I usually go to bed very early. I wake up early when Louie is still sleeping and try and get as much work done so that I can play with him when he's awake.

Coffee or wine?


What do you do to unwind for some 'you' time?

I book a massage or a facial treatment but sometimes I just enjoy a mask and bath for 30 minutes.

How did you come across BINIBAMBA?

Via Instagram...I fell in love with your Binibears and then I discovered the Snugglers!

Linda & Louie's BINIBAMBA pick....

The Snuggler. Louie loves it. It's so soft. I use its in the stroller & in his Moses basket on the sofa.