Mama, Co-Founder & Co CEO of Womenswear brand RIXO.
10 months
Cheshire, UK

Tell us a little bit about your family...

I am Henrietta Rix, very recently married to my husband Ronan & we have a little (or not so little) baby Wolfe, who is 9 months old.


What was the inspiration behind your brand, RIXO? 

Vintage! I set up the brand with Orlagh my co-founder out of our University living room. We were both obsessed with the beautifully flattering bohemian dresses we would find at vintage fairs...plus we were both always very drawn to prints.


When did you get that 'pinch me' moment when you knew the business was going to take off? 


'When Net-A-Porter picked up the brand, it was a very special moment - I still remember sitting in our living room and getting the PO through the letterbox.'


RIXO has gone from strength to strength since your started it in 2015. What do you think has been key to your success?

I think that fact Orlagh I have done and built up every single department from scratch. It was pretty much just the two of us for the first few of years so we did everything from Design, Wholesale, Press, Production, Ecom, Social...you name it! We know the business inside out and as we don't have investors, we are able to be very agile.  

What would be your advice to anyone wanting to start out in the Fashion industry? 

Just go for it! Honestly there is never a perfect moment to quit your job so i'd say if you are passionate then get started and don't be fooled into thinking you need an office/warehouse etc...we did everything from our uni house (including storing all our stock!) but be prepared to work harder and longer hours than your friends!

What clothing have you been reaching for since becoming a mama? 


'I LOVED anything without a fastening, so no buttons, zips etc to do up. I lived in our RIXO Hannah & Pia dresses which i could literally chuck over my head.'


How are you finding juggling being a mama and still working? Do find any time for yourself?

It's definitely a change a transition I underestimated...I thought i'd be back in the office after 2 weeks! I think your passion never goes and RIXO was my first baby so in a way it has made me more focused and determined to make Wolfe proud of his mummy. My weekends are now fully dedicated to him & I hardly touch my phone. I really cherish my Saturdays and Sundays.


What does a typical day look like for you? 

I commute from Cheshire to london for three days a week so an early start & emails on the train. Then each day is extremely varied, it can include trade meetings & catch ups with my brand team in the office to sign off & brainstorm events, emails & digital marketing. There is normally a RIXO shoot which I’ll be on & style, press & stylist appointments & wholesale meetings. 


What is your favourite part of Motherhood?

It's the most magical feeling, as soon as I'm with Wolfe or see his little face light up ALL my worries instantly disappear & I don't stress about the small things in life. He's definitely changed my outlook.


 ...and the hardest?

Being away from him in the week is extremely tough.

What is your top tired mama tip?

White noise machine and the rocking SNOO for a newbo

Beauty product you swear by?


'Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, I have them everywhere!' 


Has anything about motherhood surprised you?

Yes, how grateful it made me for my own mother.



Is there anything you wish you had known before becoming a mama?

Yes...prepare for longer than 2 weeks off!  


And finally.. please and you share with us the BINI bits you would love to find under your tree this Christmas?


Selfridges Exclusive Yin Yang Snuggler

"I've loved this since it launched & just know it'd keep little Wolfe warm in his car seat and help him get all snuggly & ready to sleep!" 

Milk Puffmuff

"I missed out on this last year when they all sold out. As the weather drops it still looks like the perfect pram accessory."



Bruno Merino Baby Mittens

"...and these because just look at them!! How adorable!!" 



You can follow Henrietta on Instagram @henriettarix & Shop RIXO at www.rixo.com/ @rixo