Mama, travel photographer, founder of sustainable eco-friendly cosmetics Guapa Skin & slow fashion advocate
4 months

Tell us about your family...

We have a little 4 month old girl, Olivia! We live in the sunny side of the world in the Philippines and my husband and I are both travel Photographers, but since the pandemic hit we’ve been taking it slow and I spend most of my days being a mama.

We love your beautiful insta. You celebrate the natural, favouring slow fashion & sustainable choices & championing a more sustainable way of life. Have you always lived your life that way or is this something that you have made a conscious decision to live by more recently?


"It’s been 3 years since I decided to live a more conscious life and it was and still is a long journey!


Has having a baby made you more aware of the responsibility we have as parents to care for the planet and their future?

Absolutely! Every time I think of my daughter, I think about the future that I would like her to have…and how I would like to be her teacher and teach her about how to care for the world around her in hopes she will be able to inspire others.




What changes have you made to the way you live your life that our Binibabes can look to change in their own day to day life?

The first step I took when I made the decision to live consciously was to eliminate plastic. I started with water bottles, then plastic bags and so on.


“I think it’s so important for people to be able to not become overwhelmed because it’s a huge lifestyle change and baby steps make the most difference!”


It can be hard to make sustainable choices with a newborn. They grow out of their clothes so quick....can you share any tips for how to live sustainably with a baby?

Right now I focus on minimalism. I try my best to only purchase things we really have use for and things that would benefit us in the long run, and of course, nothing goes to waste because I will hand things down to other mamas.


How do you plan to teach your baby girl about caring for the world?

I would teach by example, I think kids learn best when they see their parents do things so everyday would be a learning experience.


Do you feel that things are moving in a positive direction & brands are listening & taking action to become more sustainable?

Yes! Im so happy to see more brands build their business plans around being a more sustainable. It will be an exciting future.


You live in tropical paradise in the Philippines and celebrate all things natural...did you know that sheepskin is amazing at keeping a baby cool in hot climates and how do you plan to use your sheepskin Snuggler?


"I did not know this at first because my first thought is “isn’t wool for the cold?” But i couldn’t believe it after I tried it. My little one is so comfy in it! I will be taking this everywhere with me!"



Has becoming mama changed the way you approach you fashion & the way you dress?

Yes especially now that I’m breastfeeding, I have to wear outfits with easy boob access!


Tired mama style tip you can share...

Dress in something that is comfy but makes you feel beautiful, it makes all the difference!


Has anything surprised you about becoming a mother?

Everything is a surprise at this point but what surprised me the most was the amount of love I will feel everyday from this small human.


Favourite part of motherhood

Cuddles and seeing my baby grow


And the hardest…

No sleep!


Anything you wish you'd known before becoming a mother?

I wish I knew I didn’t have to worry about the things I was worrying about!



What do you do to unwind for some 'you' time?

Netflix! It’s such a treat now.


How did you come across BINIBAMBA?

Saw it via another mama and it led me to you!


Can you share your ultimate BINIBAMBA pick...

Sheepskin snuggler in Milk! It’s perfect and versatile!


What are you favourite sustainable brands for us mamas and also our Binibabes?

I have so many!

For mamas; Posse, Arkitaip, Laude the Label, Bahhgoose, Ozma, Savannah Morrow

For babes; By Billie, Cinnamon Baby, Yumma, Summer and Storm




                                                  Milk Snuggler £95


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