Care for me


Stroke me, shake me and I’ll stay cosy! I’m luxuriously low-maintenance, I just need a bit of fresh air and the occasional brush and tickle to make me smile.
I’m naturally antibacterial, self cleaning and dirt resistant so you only need to sponge off small spills with a damp cloth. The tub’s not really my thing but if you ask me nicely, I’ll hold my breath for a quick handwash or delicate 30 degree wool cycle with a specialist lambskin detergent.


I’m happiest drying out of direct sunlight, plus I’ll come up a treat without a pesky tumble dryer or iron in sight. Give me a quick re-shape whilst damp & a brush once dry & I’ll bounce right back.
I’m baby-safe, free of harmful dyes, REACH accredited, hypoallergenic and I can even help reduce asthma. I’m a sheepish sort though, so of course I’d never bleat on about it.



Check out our care instructions for further details on how to care for BINIBAMBA.