Sheepskin Rug / Fleece
natural milk sheepskin rug by Binibamba
binibamba newborn baby gift wrapping with out 100% cotton dustbags


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 Binibabes love Milk. Quench their thirst for comfort with our natural Milk hue & snuggle up together for those late night feeds. 

100% Natural Sheepskin.

BINIBAMBA loves to feel at home. Make your story chair extra special with our nursery rugs, snuggle-proof your sofa or just find your soft spot, wherever you are.

Natural, hypoallergenic & sink in soft, our large merino sheepskin fleeces are sourced, tanned & hand-finished in England from British sheep. 

Please note that these rugs are not suitable from newborn due to their longer pile. Please see our WRIGGLEMATS for a more suitable option for newborns.

Presented 'gift-ready' as standard in our 100% cotton BINIBAMBA

Easy-care and naturally dirt repellent, we recommend regularly airing, brushing & shaking our longer pile nursery rugs rather than washing.

Dimensions : 96cm x 78cm

Please note that with natural products sizes can vary. The dimensions provided should be used as a guide.